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Class Registration Materials

Class Registration Materials 2023-24 School Year

  Click to visit: Redwood High School Program Planning Site   Choose your classes carefully! Classes in high school are year-long and the decisions you make when you register this spring will affect you all of next year!   Avoid choosing classes because your friends are taking them, or because you want something “easy.” A high school career should lead to some very specific outcomes. Whether you wish to attend a university, college, vocational/technical school, or want to move directly into the job market, each class you take should move you closer to your overall goal. The purpose of this handbook is to allow you to make these choices in an informed manner. You should discuss your choices with your parents and also your counselor!    The information in the Program Planning Guide should be reviewed carefully as you plan your program for next year and consider how that program will fit into your overall four-year plan at Redwood High School. In selecting your classes for next year, please note the grade level of the course as well as any prerequisites that are needed. Also, note the description of the course to get a sense of what the course is all about. 

Class Registration Sheets

On-Line Registration Instructions

Grade 9 Class Registration Sheet 23-24

Grade 10 Class Registration Sheet 23-24

Grade 11 Class Registration Sheet 23-24

Grade 12 Class Registration Sheet 23-24


On-Line Registration Videos

Video: How to register on-line for 9th grade classes

Video: How to register on-line for 10th grade classes

Video: How to register on-line for 11th grade classes

Video: How to register on-line for 12th grade classes

Information for Current 8th Graders and Parents

If you are a current 8th grade student or the parent of an 8th grade student, a packet will be mailed to your home if you attend a VUSD Middle School in the Redwood boundary.

8th Grade Packet for Incoming Redwood 9th Graders 2023-24

8th Grade Parent Night 2/13/23: Presentation Slides

Video recording of 8th Grade Parent Night Presentation -

Passcode: @6^4B7ui

8th Grade Visit to Redwood HS 2/16/23

Registration for Current 8th Grade Students (Incoming 9th Graders):

Redwood Counselors will work with VUSD Middle Schools to meet with current 8th graders to help students through the online class registration process.  Students will be selecting 4 elective courses, an English course, and have the option to sign-up for Summer School 2023.  They may have 2-3 of those elective choices in their fall class schedule.  Redwood counselors will make final selections for English and Math based on 8th grade performance.

Green Acres- 2/22/23

Willow Glen- 3/1/23

Ridgeview- 3/2/23 

Oak Grove- 3/8/23                             

Private/Charter Schools:

Updated 8th Grade Packet for Private/Charter Schools


Private/Charter Schools outside VUSD- Wednesday, March 15th at the Redwood HS Library.

Follow this link to sign-up for a Registration Appt.: LINK

New students to VUSD must complete 2023-2024 New Student Enrollment Information


AVID application: Click Here


The deadline is April 28th, 2023.   

Videos to explore for current 8th grade students:

CTE Pathways for Redwood High School

Eight-Grade Transition to High School

VUSD College and Career Readiness YouTube Channel