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About Our School

A Brief History of Redwood High School....

In 1910, Redwood High School, designed along the lines of Spanish mission architecture, was originally established as Visalia Union High School, and is Visalia’s oldest high school. In 1952, the school served as a junior high school for two years when a new high school, Mt. Whitney, was opened a few blocks to the south. Two years after Mt. Whitney High School opened the school was reopened as a high school and renamed Redwood High School. Mt. Whitney High School retained the original school colors of Visalia Union High School, maroon and white, while the newly renamed Redwood High School took the colors of royal blue and white. The school mascot is known as the “Redwood Ranger”.

Redwood High School is currently one of four traditional, comprehensive high schools in the Visalia Unified School District and serves students from the northern, northwestern, and western sections of the city. Currently, Redwood draws most of its students from Green Acres Middle School, which is the middle school in the northern and northwestern part of the city. Three private schools in the city, Visalia Christian Academy, St. Paul’s, and George McCann Catholic School also supply students to Redwood High School.

Redwood High School is located in the center of the city, covering six city blocks and 27 acres of land from Conyer Street on the east to Dollner Street on the west, and from Mineral King Street on the south to Main Street on the north. As a result of having absorbed the Sierra Vista school building, a former elementary school built in 1939 located west of Giddings Avenue, a major thoroughfare bisects the campus. A bridge built in 1997 provides access for students over the thoroughfare between the main campus and the former elementary campus. The school also encompasses an athletic stadium, tennis courts, a community swimming pool, a major theater arts center, and a recently renovated dramatic arts theater, each utilized by Redwood and other schools in the Visalia Unified School District. Redwood’s athletic facilities are limited with approximately ten acres of usable field facilities compared to thirty-five acres of facilities at the other comprehensive schools in Visalia. However, Redwood is able to utilize surrounding elementary school facilities for baseball, softball, and soccer.

Redwood High School Vision Statement

We believe that by focusing on our School Wide Learning Outcomes we will close achievement gaps and prepare students to be well rounded and engaged citizens.

Redwood High School Mission Statement

Redwood High School offers an education that affords students a future through a focus on learning, achievement, and character.